Thinking about becoming a vendor ?

Whether you already have experience in the market scene or you are new to it, we welcome your participation. Joondalup Growers Market is committed to assisting growers and food artisans discovering a viable alternative to a current food supply system that doesn't give you  due reward for your hard work. At our farmers market you have the opportunity to sell your goods directly to the community and gain financially whilst having the satisfaction of getting to know the folk who love what you do and who will support you for it. Both consumers and the producer benefit from the direct relationship - and everybody's happy !

Five steps to becoming a Joondalup Growers Market vendor...


If you feel you have a product our market customers would like to buy you will need to complete and submit the online Expression of Interest to Trade Form. It is very important that you are specific as to the products you would like to sell. (In the management of the market we have to ensure that there is not destructive competition between vendors as we want all our vendors to prosper.) In the case where your product/s are already satisfactorily represented we will wait list your application and advise you immediately when a trading position becomes available.


Prior to trading there are a number of compulsory statutory requirements that need to be fulfilled for the The City of Joondalup. Part of our Stallholder Agreement requires that you  read and understand the City of Jondalup's Temporary Food Premises Guidelines. This document should be given special attention as there may be spot inspections of your stall. We will process your application on your behalf from documents uploaded with your submission of the Stallholder Agreement. There will be a $50 annual document lodgement charge which will be added to your first trading invoice.


If your application is successful and we have established the suitability of your product we will be in a position to allocate you a trading space. The market manager will discuss your desired start date with you and advise of all the details of trading and clarify any further questions or concerns you may have.


Upon application It is strongly advised that you read the terms and conditions of trading which are contained within the Joondalup Growers Market Charter and Operational Guidelines of which  need to be clearly understood. This document can be downloaded from the application form link. The charter covers every facet of the market operation and it forms part of our agreement with you. The market manager is there to assist you every step of the way so please don't hesitate to ask about any aspect of the application, market operations or procedures. (Please also see section (3 + 4 ) documents which also form part of the agreement).


The final and important checkpoint is that each vendor requires insurance for the market. This is referred to as a "Certificate of Currency" and most insurers can issue these quickly. You will need to insure yourselves for 10 (ten) million dollars and which implicitly extends to your activities to your trading at Joondalup Growers.  It is a good idea to insure with a local insurer where possible. If you you are only trading periodically you may opt to take up insurance cover under our policy. The Growers Market can insure you for a single trading session for $10 which will be paid on the day. Do your sums and take the cheapest option under your circumstances.


Be sure to take a look at our trading tips page which is compiled by people with a long track record of successfull market trading. It will give you a heads up to get off t a good start

* Highlighted forms are compulsory reading  as part of the application process