Anna Zoohori - Perth



Proudly WA owned handcrafting, with love, spectacular arrays of spice blends & mixes, gourmet pastes & meal kits from around the world.


The Spice Library is a creation of a dedicated young women, Anna, who left her heritage country, Persia, at the age of 14 to settle for a better life in Perth, Western Australia. Food was always central to her life as she grew-up in her mothers’ Persian kitchen and started cooking at 9 years of age.


Anna has always reminisced of many fond childhood memories of Persian dishes, lively chatter and laughter around the Persian Sofreh. This, together with her strong passion for cooking and desire to share the joy of home-made meals at the table or Sofreh with family and friends, has inspired her to bring to life the Spice Library.


Spice Library is the first to introduce Persian Cuisine in a simple, yet convenient manner for everyone to indulge and enjoy. Whilst using the freshest and finest natural ingredients, Spice Library has created a contemporary soulful Persian Gourmet line that is filled with a collection of recipes accommodating to all taste buds.


Her passion for food has also been the inspiration to source many sought after gourmet products and share her cooking knowledge with foodies.


See you at the market !