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Why to Buy at Your Local Growers Market

February 26, 2017

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Farmers Markets Continue to Grow and the Big Boys Will Fight All the Way

February 25, 2017

As farmers markets continue to gain momentum here in Australia we must understand that mega supermarkets will compete at any cost to try and stay on top. And don't expect them to pay for it.


What happens is that the genuinely better priced and fresher farmers market produce is undercut by them to try and retain their predominant market share. This result is the supermarkets applying more price pressure on growers to provide the artillery to meet their price wars. It is just so important that we, as a community, resist the temptation to revert back to these short term price ploys which are extremely harmful in the long term. Their game is literally fought like a war and casualties are, as they say, just considered collateral damage to reach an end objective of dominance.


Remember the milk wars ? We now have a completely gutted milk industry  and the latest casualty, Harvey Fresh, has just recently been bought out by an Italian conglomerate - all thanks to our fresh food people friends at the big end of town.


By being alert to this chicanery and keeping on shopping at the farmers market you will be supporting our smaller growers and producers that are most vulnerable. Food production is like any other production inasmuch as it takes extra time and money to make the best. So these quality producers are first to go. What we are left with are the leanest, meanest, biggest (and least conscious) producers of food. It just can't be stated strongly enough how much damage this causes. Our biodiversity suffers as a consequence as does our food security. The statistics are frightening when you look at how many of our best producers have disappeared off the map due to corporate behaviour. Efficiency is OK but not when you cross a line that reduces our standard of living, particularly relating to the stuff that provides sustenance to our health and wellbeing - this is not the way to go.


Price pressure kills your best makers of food.


Keep that in mind the next time you see a bargain being offered at the mega mall in an effort to keep you on their hook. That 50 cent saving is a death warrant to high quality produce and a way of life that we all deserve. Remember, food security, biodiversity and the mental & spiritual health of our country folk.


Turn your back and just say no !



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