Mike & Barb Shipley - Denmark




Barb and Mike Shipley bought Shipley’s Farm in April, 2012 with the intention of developing it into something amazing.


"We have recently purchased another farm almost immediately over the road from our first property" and Barb and Mike will be living on this new property from mid September this year (2013). The infrastructure on the new farm is much better than was the case on our first property and we will be able to utilise this to add to our plans for the future.


We have done an incredible amount of work, changing fences, installing permanent water lines, finishing the very partly completed house, adding to the limited infrastructure and implementing a holistic approach to the whole property.


Along the way we have asked Brenden Barber and his wife Tanya, and their family to join us on this exciting project and are thrilled that they have done so. Brenden is very passionate about what we are doing, having come from an eastern wheat belt farming background which used chemical farming methods. He could see clearly that this system was a failing system, both from an environmental and health point of view and relishes the opportunity to be involved in a sustainable, beyond organic way of farming.


We are only at the very early stages of our project, with big plans for the development still to come. Brenden is also a butcher by trade and one of our next steps is to build our own cool room, freezer and butcher’s preparation room. This is very close to fruition and will enable us to value add to our own produce. Included in our goals are some dairy cows (Jerseys) for our own raw milk, to encourage someone to grow veges for us on the farm, both for our own use and to sell through our buying clubs, and to expand on the use of our butcher's preparation room.


Are we close to reaching our goals? Some, but a long way from getting to where we want to be, and frankly, we will probably never quite get there! Shipley’s Farm practices & promotes ethical animal husbandry, regenerative landscape stewardship and we stand for local community renewal. We are certified biodynamic with Demeter.


The farm produces (seasonally) : BEYOND ORGANIC pastured eggs, chickens, beef & pork and is situated a mere 20 minute drive from Albany.


Contact :   shipleysfarm.com.au