Unfortunately, not all producers can make it to the market. There are a variety of reasons - they may just not have the time, the amount of produce they grow does not justify the distance they have to travel or they may have other commitments on the day.


We want to still have this produce available to you so we have have our own in market stall with the managers pick of products that would otherwise not be available on the day. The product range will vary but we can assure you it will all be straight from the farm from one or more of our fabulous producers. Decisions as to what is stocked at the managers stall will be made in the week preceding the market.


The principle produce carried will be a range of salad leaf lines and fresh herbs. These will be available every week. Other produce such as microgreens will also be sold. Make sure you check in so you can see what is fresh for the week.


If you are a grower that would like to be represented in the market, please get in touch with us and if our other stallholders do not substantially carry that particular line we can discuss the options with you.