Wannaporn Hooly - Collie




Growing up on a nursery and having a father that has dedicated his life to all aspects of horticulture, including scouring the world for new varieties, and frequent appearances on TV and radio talk back. It was inevitable I would  fall in to the family business.

However  a recent spike in the global awareness of not only eating healthy foods but also knowing the origin of what you are consuming is what made me decide to make growing edibles for the local market a full time pursuit.


The benefits of home grown vegetables and herbs are huge. Not only avoiding the dangerous chemicals that imported vegetables are coated with to get them in to the country but also the self satisfaction that comes with raising your seedlings to a harvest-able stage. Convincing your children to eat healthy also becomes a much easier task when combined with the fun of picking there own food and eating it fresh from the back yard!

Eat Your Garden vegetable and herb seedlings are grown at our family home and nursery in Gidgegannup. Chemical free, the seedlings are carefully hand picked and available to you at an established stage, with healthy roots and foliage ready to be planted in to your own garden to give even the inexperienced gardener the best possible chance of enjoying a successful harvest!


A large range of seasonal vege and herb seedlings will be available weekly and we are always happy to have a chat and provide any gardening advice you may need.

Our stall will also provide one of Perth's largest range of aquatic/pond plants. Including Lillis, lotuses, natives, natural water filters and our specialty line of floating pond plants.

An interesting range of edible aquatic plants will also be available for those wishing to extend the theme to their ponds.

So come down and visit us at Leederville Farmers Market and get ready to Eat your Garden! - Ben Wood