Pam Wilson - Muchea



I cannot even remember a time that I didn't have a garden - even as a young child.  I have always grown organically !


My passion for organic and biodynamic agricultural principles first led me to work on Harry Testoni's property in Muchea which was made famous for its biodynamic carrots. After working with Harry for two years I eventually ended up taking  the management of the property over and now lease that same land we both worked on. All the produce that comes from the Muchea property is certified biodynamic with the official industry body of Demeter and has been so for the last six years.


We are currently pre certified for our Berrmullah property and produce grown there will be sold as sustainably grown. Full certification is a three year transition but during that process we retain all the organic principles and the food will be as clean and healthy as if it were fully certified.


Since taking over the property we also entered into an arrangement with Linda Harding of Gingin Organics where we also sell on her behalf so we can provide our customers with a wider variety of produce including all types of fruit and vegetable that are in season.


The business is now a family concern with my daughter with my daughter Kaihla, her partner DJ and my son Blayde.


Our view is that everybody should be able to eat clean healthy food.


You will find Pam and her daughter at the market every Sunday but we would advise those of you that are committed to the freshest organic and biodynamic produce to get down early as they sell out very quickly.



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