Riki Kaspi - Perth



Riki Kaspi – Chef and owner of ‘The Cooking Professor Cooking School’ invites you to join her in an exciting authentic Moroccan Food Journey.


Moroccan Chermoula Marinades Riki’s hand made products is a blend of freshly toasted, grounded spices mixed with herbs, designed for an easy and fun preparation of an authentic flavoursome homemade Moroccan meal. 


‘Cook your fresh delicious homemade meal in such an easy and enjoyable way… ‘All you have to do is mix the Moroccan Chermoula cooking sauce with your favourite meat or vegetables and let it cooked slowly in a casserole to form a sensational Moroccan style family meal.’


Fish, Lamb, Chicken or Vegetarian ‘Tajin’ each one of Riki’s cooking sauces has its own distinguished well balanced flavour, rich with its aroma but not ‘spicy hot’ (children love Moroccan food…) For Chilli lovers, Riki is offering her handcrafted fresh Moroccan Hot Harissa as an essential condiment to spice-up your meal or forming a range of wonderful dips and spreads.


‘Nothing is complicated in preparing a good earthy homemade Moroccan food.’ Says Chef Riki Kaspi, ‘All you need is the right mix of spices, the secret of all secrets in traditional Moroccan cooking Ras el hanout (‘top of the shelf'), the best your personal spice merchant has to offer, the magical alchemy of cooking we have to offer !


Enjoy your homemade cooking - ‘bon appetite’!