Martin Drage -  Perth



Martin is a superstar and boasts one of the few degrees in Barbology exisiting in Australia . 


Actually, we have asked Martin along for the first few weeks of the market to train up our own staff who will be serving delicious breakfast rolls to our customers who need some good nutrition on the run. We will be using all the fresh ingredients from the market vendors including Katie's Free Range Eggs from Kojonup, French rolls from Grainaisance Artisan Bakery and, eventually bio-dynamic bacon from Shipleys Farm in Denmark.


Mike and Kate from Shipley's aren't quite ready to go with their bacon yet so we may have to (Aaargh) buy it from local butchers but rest assured it will be the very best shortcut bacon with all offending fat removed.


Also we will be using fresh rocket pulled from the ground 24 hours before the market and a sensational homemade tomato sauce which is a recipe from Keith & Sarah Wilson's Italian neighbours next to their lamb farm in Kulin.


If you get the chance in the first two weeks come and have a chat to Martin as he truly is a master of the hotplate, Watch him in action and enjoy the fruits of his skills.


This is not burger - this is gourmet !


Perfect with a fresh juice from Juice Face.