Location & Parking

Trading Times


Winter 0830 - 1200 (May - July)

Summer 0800 - 1200 (August - April)

Finding Us Is Easy!


We are located on the extreme Eastern end of Boas Avenue, right next to Lake Joondalup, there is an abundance of parking available within a very short walk to the market (See map opposite for directions)


Trains & Public Transport

We really encourage all of you out there to think about catching the train into the market. Joondalup Station is a healthy 500 metre walk to the market. A train ride is easy and it will save you time, money and hassle. Not only that - you would being doing the world a serious favour !


Cycling Is Cool 

Oh yeah! We love bicycles!  Make your market experience even better by bringing your treadly down with you boyfriend or girlfriend, children or husband or wife and really make this experience what it should be - farm fresh food, exercise and the chance to just cruise on down with the people you love. Bring your bike on the train !


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