Blaine & Tristan Campbell - Beechboro



Blaine and Tristan Campbell purchased their first beehive in November 2011. Blaine had lamented to someone that although her veggie garden was green and lovely, there was not a veggie to be seen. Someone made the off-the-cuff remark that ‘oh, you just need a beehive’ and something about the comment stuck. So Blaine spent nearly 2 years reading every book in the Western Australian State Library system, a few that weren't, and every beekeeping blog online she could find.


Finally, she announced one afternoon that 'we are buying a beehive' and Tristan very patiently nodded his head. He was also informed that he too was going to be a beekeeper because ‘I need some man-hands’! He again, nodded his head and off we went to the local Beeman to order a nucleus.


In August 2012, we launched our business, Honey, I'm Home Produce, with the
vision to bring all things honey, homey and yummy to our customers. We invite you to learn about our bees, their importance to the food you eat, the flowers you smell and the richness of our environment at our website blog: