Nicole Furlong - Donnybrook


Harmony Brook is a farm situated in the heart of the South West of Western Austrlia situated between Donnybrook and Kirup.


The farm is run by Nicole and her husband, a team who have been developing the farm for the last 7 years. 


"We farm with organic and bio dynamic practices dedicated to growing and producing the best organic food you can eat. "


"Our dream is to live and work on the land, become self sufficient and produce great products for the community to consume and enjoy."


"We are passionate about caring for our animals and vegetables in the way nature intended. We believe chemicals have no place in food production nor farming, yet chemicals laden foods are usually the only option we have in our supermarkets. We feel that farming organically is the only way of the future."


"Our produce consists of live Marron, Marron and Yabbies pickled in a variety of flavors. "


"We also produce a range of jams including strawberry/rhubarb, fig , apricot and strawberry and we have tomato relish and tomato sauce for sale. "


"We are very proud of what we have produced and look forward to being able to share them with you at the Leederville Farmers Market.