Gary Tedesco - Gingin/Wanneroo



Gary comes from a long line of Italian market gardners who originally established their new home in Wanneroo district, north of Perth. He was raised on a vegie farm in Carabooda and as he grew Gary's grandfather became one of the biggest carrot exporters in Western Australia. In fact, the whole Tedesco clan were growers and horticulturalists - a influence that wouldn't escape him.


During his formative years he worked in his uncle's vegetable shop helping out in the family business. After hours Gary took to growing herbs in his garden - a hobby that he loved and enjoyed.


At 26 years of age he leased land from his cousin and began growing garlic, silverbeet, chillies and eggplants. After several years doing that he was offered land to work on by his grandfather on his property in Gingin where he still grows from today. Gary specialises in heirloom vegetables and is contantly experimenting with varieties of vegetables, some that have long been forgotten.


The cut and thrust of broadacre horticulture doesn't really interest him. What Gary is about is the thrill of seeing things grow and the preservation of the worlds seed heritage. He loves to experiment with old new varieties and the unique flavours they yield.  The challenge for him is preservation of these wonderful vegetables that you will not find anywhere else in Western Australia..


Here is a man that is worth supporting, not only for the quality and delicious food he producers but his commitment to the sustaibable farming practices that are required for our world to flourish.

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