Vin Cronin - Bullsbrook






My name is Vin and I'm a professional knife sharpener.


I began my career as an apprentice butcher in 1965. Since that time I have operated butcher shops and several lunch bars and restaurants in a career that has spanned 48 years.


I currently own and operate my own business - Pretty Sharp Professional Knife Sharpening Services. In my working days I cover all suburbs in Perth.


As I have spent many years in the catering business I understand the importance of having a sharp knife ! Not only at your place of business but at home as well. I believe that, in business, a regularly maintained sharp knife is an asset as it can save time. money and most of all, waste.


With my precision water stone sharpening machine I can create the exact angle required for the job at hand.


Self praise is no recommendation so please feel free to call in and see me at the Leedeville Farmers Market and I will gladly demonstrate my expertise in a field that I enjoy so greatly !





Phone 0429 171 953