About Us

We, like so many other people look at the state of the world and shake our heads at how we have been over run by faceless transnationals. Our food system is a classic example where huge companies dealing with other huge companies dictate methods of food production, deciding what types of food we eat whilst constantly searching for ways to cheapen the process. Food is looked at simply as a commodity to be bought and sold with the bottom line being the driving motivator. Public companies are, in fact, required by law to place shareholders interests above all else. Therein lies the rub - consumers interests come in second. Ridiculous - you bet. We can't change the system single handedly but we are going to do our best to make all the difference we can. As the consumer, the choice is actually yours. You can either support an unsustainable system or you can support real individuals that love and care for the food they produce - YES - the real power lies with you - you can be change the world desperately needs !  We simply want to provide the opportunity for you to make it.



Joondalup Growers Market is committed in bringing fresh & healthy farm direct produce to you, our market customer, from our rural and semi rural districts within Western Australia.


Our farmers and food artisans will bring their freshly picked, cooked and baked produce into the markets every week from their places of work so you can have the best of the best on your tables. How much more sensible can it get ?


Shopping at the market also provides the opportunity for you to get to know the people who grow the food that you and your families and friends eat. It also allows you to know exactly how the food was grown and gives complete transparency as to its provenance.


Our farmers market charter ensures that all goods sold on the market floor are grown or baked or caught or reared in Western Australia by our own farmers and food artisans.


Food for thought

​We at Joondalup Growers believe that people should have the cleanest food that our society can produce for them. Unfortunately, the largest section of the existing food supply system makes that promise but does not deliver on it. It's only their words we end up buying, How have we arrived at this point ? To put it bluntly, the food system has largely been globalised and it's unconscious in the areas important to you and I. What are the true motivations of an executive in Wall Street or London or Geneva ? Do they really care about your personal well being and health here in Australia ? We think not.


Our smaller West Australian specialist food producers are being placed under enormous price pressure by large conglomerates and the result of this is that they are either perishing or being bought out by bigger, wealthier and, more often than not, transnational operators who really have questionable interest in our community's health.  Whilst there may be price benefits in the short term to the customer, the true end result is an agricultural monoculture with one or two companies producing all the same types of milk or cheese or cereals and so on packaged in different bags and boxes. Longer term consequences are that we have a radically diminished farm & food culture which, in fact, reduces our choice of food. What we are really left with is an illusion of choice. This is the légerdemain used to shroud us from the reality of the true nature of the beast.


By succumbing to the illusion we inadvertently reduce the scope for food made in unique ways by individuals who are truly passionate about what they do. Supporting the farmers market and choosing to eat this tastier and healthier food not only gives personal benefits but, in the process, you also make a real contribution to protecting the individuals who are the real guardians of our agricultural heritage. Smaller farmers and food artisans can counteract the corporate price fixing burden which diminishes product quality. Your dollar lets them retain their high standards, they can  increase their incomes and therefore personal capacity to deliver these superior foods. By selling directly to you, the customer, in many cases, it is literally a life saver for them and, in the end, ourselves.


In our alternative market model the final ending to the story is that you get to enjoy real food that is made by people who love what they do and that love translates into the food you buy and eat ... it's simply a superior system that is vastly more beneficial to our family's and community's wellbeing.

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 ​Enjoy the experience

Part of our market philosophy is also about creating a venue where friends can come and catch up and have a coffee or fresh juice together. Not only that - meet up with other people you don't know from a bar of soap who also  make the market their regular stop on a Saturday morning. Talking with people you have never met before is a wonderful thing - lets reclaim the art !


Our market shopping experience is also designed to be a stress free outing without having to deal with the normal drudgery of shopping at the mega mall. Celebrate the freedom of  throwing the weight off for a morning, enjoy the entertainment and some good old fashioned fresh air. We hope you can enjoy the experience with us.